• We work for Your Profits!

    We source the products you need through our 20 years import expertise and import directly from the competitive manufacturers in China and other Far East countries, and pass the big savings to you. more

  • We protect Your Business! – Enjoy ‘Peace of Mind’

    We work to satisfy your business needs from the beginning to create idea, do right sourcing, quality guaranteed production, and on-time door delivery in the States. You just rely on our comprehensive service enjoying 'Peace of Mind'. more

  • Your Prosperity is Our Goal!

    We strive to help our customers grow together in our business principle 'Win-Win' relationship, and we value the prosperity of our customers at top. more



  • Products & Services

    OUR SERVICES We source and deliver a variety of consumer and promotional products from the USA and Far East countries. MEK does not issue a catalog or stock the inventory of products. We do support your custom projects, everything from setting up the project management, sourcing, production, and QC inspection to the final door delivery […]

Who We Are

MEK International, Inc. is an import-export company located in North Wales, Pennsylvania, USA. It was originally founded by Peter Kim in Seoul, Korea in 1985. The headquarters was then relocated to the United States in 1991 for a broader world business scope.

We export various American merchandises on behalf of domestic manufacturers. We also import many Business Promotional Products from the Far East to supply our customers in the United States.

Since 1985, MEK has been actively working to explore competitive quality products from the Far East to provide the most efficient services, and to give 100% full satisfaction and benefits to our customers. We are organized with a diverse array of manufacturing affiliates in China and South Korea with in-ground offices for sourcing, inspecting, and shipping. Once we start working together, our customers become our long related partners in mutual trust and faith. more about us

We strive to satisfy our customers with our quality products and efficient services. For the past two decades, we gave exceptional impression and benefits to our customers through our quick assistance and accumulated knowledge on the products and markets.